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Sindh is famously known for its distinct culture, traditions and values. Tea will always be the beverage of choice when it comes to people of Pakistan and their loved ones. It encourages hospitality and unity and Mezban, which means “host”, quite literally stands by this message. It gives our consumers the chance to share a moment over a cup of the perfectly blended, aromatic and flavorful dust tea.

Mezbani jo raaz (the secret of hospitality)

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Ever since its launch in 1988, Mezban has been known as the premium dust tea brand that understands and reflects the true essence of Sindh and its culture and hospitality. Through its inimitable and distinct flavour, it has consistently delivered its promise as the thriving market leader in the tea dust category and has been very consistent ever since.

The spirit of Sindh has been a source of inspiration and the heart of the brand throughout, with the famous Sindhi ajrak, which is a traditional “hand-woven cloth”, embellishing our product packaging. Mezban, being the heart of Sindh brings with it the cherished value of hospitality to life and a refreshing taste to consumers all across Sindh, setting itself as Sindh’s preferred choice of premium dust tea brand.


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