Tea Fun Facts

You can drink the world’s most expensive afternoon tea at the Hong Kong Ritz Carlton for up to $8,888 dollars.

One strong cup of tea is better than 20 weak ones. All true tea lovers not only like their tea strong, but like it a little stronger with each year that passes.

In one day, an experienced tea picker can collect around 70 pounds of tea! That’s enough tea to make 14,000 cups!

Structures might be all the more intentionally forced on a writing venture close to its consummation, yet they are not only an end—however they, obviously, add to and influence the final result exhibited to a peruser, a scholastic network, and so on. Structures likewise fill in as necessary chore. They are implies in that they give journalists something to “knock” against—an activity Professor James Kastely in his explanation uses to portray powers in social connection (individual correspondence)— to effectively find their own writing styles. In spite of the fact that Reither writes with regards to scholastic request, his thought is telling; “Out of this inundation in scholarly request and out of the manners in which they see themselves and different students can build suitable models. That is, they can see compelling and ineffectual writing, perusing, and request shows, techniques, and practices at work”. At the end of the day, one’s writing comes to fruition to a great extent by obliging powers scouring against it, by the “connections of the components of the logical circumstance: an association of. . . the component s-subject, article, group of spectators, and language-working all the while” (Berlin, 1987, p. 15). The powers, clearly, are numerous things—another author’s style, an educator’s remark, an occasion, a broadcast, a tune, and so forth.— thus it isn’t unimaginable to state that a writing structure, as well, even an institutionalized, restricted structure—like the five-passage exposition—can be a power of creation.

Boodles Jewelers made a handcrafted diamond teabag worth $15,250 with 280 diamonds to raise money for a children’s charity in Manchester, England.

Tea is 99% water and can be counted as part of your required daily eight glasses of water.

Want to stay in the know? 80% office workers discover what’s happening at work over a cup of tea.

Three glasses of sweet tea equal six red apples.